Memes Essay

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Introduction The word ‘meme’ derived from a Greek word miméma which means “imitated”. Memes are very popular amongst Millennial and are used on daily basis. Memes helps to express our feelings on certain matters or situations that can be relatable with our daily life’s events. Meme is one of the most important units of todays cultural that symbolically transmit the idea from one person to another with the help of writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked form. Everyone nowadays is so familiar with memes. Memes are the interesting item of pictures or videos that spreads widely online especially through social media and called viral. Meme are considered a modern form of communication. They are short written messages; they’re…show more content…
Internet meme spreads in the form of an image or a video. It can be a word or a phrase. Memes have the power to shape the culture, change our living styles, and continually evolve with changing society. The widespread adoption of social media as a common component of everyday life has completely altered the ways we communicate and allowed memes to spread and become part of the popular cultural framework for many different populations (Shifman, 2013). Memes are usually jokes, funny images, videos or music that hugely influences modern language and culture. They helps to shape on youth thinking, and the whole internet user follow them. Memes don’t need a lot of time to enjoy or to understand. Memes spread like viral from social Medias, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Reddit and reach out to millions of people within less time. Memes has an important role even in advertising because it’s cost-effective and trendy values. Memes are a great opportunity for various purposes if it is considered in a good
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