Memo: Decorating the New Office Space With Artwork

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Re: Decorating the new office space Dear Mr. X: Now that the renovation of our new office is complete, it is time to consider furnishing the new space with works of art that reflect the spirit of the company and the ethos we wish to communicate to new clients. When walking into our organization's headquarters, we want people to gain a sense of tranquility and confidence. No matter how stressed they might feel, we want them to know that the partners at our law firm can handle their concerns. An image of nurturing and competence is an ideal first 'scene' for them to be greeted by, which is why I would suggest a painting by Mary Cassatt. The Impressionist Cassatt was one of the few women painters of her era. Although women were often the subject of paintings, they more rarely found their way behind the canvas. Showcasing a women's work of art would also underline the firm's commitment to equality and diversity, important cornerstones of our philosophy. Cassatt's Mother Combing Her Child's Hair shows a mother tenderly caring for her child. Its study of light and shadow and focus on a naturalistic domestic scene is characteristic of Impressionism. The subject and the treatment are soothing and generous, and will convey a sense of peace to clients. Another Impressionist work which is similarly calming is that of Claude Monet's The Japanese Footbridge. Monet's 1899 study of the footbridge (which he painted on many occasions) is a study of blue and green dabs. "Floating lily

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