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Spa Works Memo Date December 12, 2012 To: Adrian Pavone, CEO From: Subject: Information System Advisory Committee Proposal Hello Adrian. In the last few years, Spa Works has been rapidly expanding its business by opening new locations and acquiring competitors. Such expansion suggests not only high profits, but also investments in the organization’s information system. Spa Works is currently operating using a number of legacy systems, which may not be able to support recent changes any further. In fact, due to the increased volume of transactions and day-to-day operations, the current system has been causing issues with financial reporting and decision-making process. Therefore, as a response to your request an advisory…show more content…
HR team will create an action plan with a detailed explanation of training process strategies and their application. In addition, the HR team will construct a set of skills required to run the new system and utilize the assessment for hiring purposes. Finally, the team will be in charge of gathering and reviewing feedback from the users on the new system and relating the results to the required executives and other committee members. 4. Operations/Spa Manager. As per the request, one of the goals of the new information system is to assist Spa Works’ in day-to-day operations. Having operations manager in the advisory committee will aid with the knowledge of the current standard operating procedures of the organization and its correlation to the IT department. This would involve everyday interactions with customers and suppliers, supervision of employees, allocation of resources and adherence to the budget, and finally an overall strong knowledge of business cycle. It is important for the development team to know all the details of operations so that an integrated system is created. Having ‘intelligent’ IS would advance company’s business process and improve customer/supplier service. For example the new information system would allow Spa Works’ customers to self-reserve depicted services and spa packages as opposed to calling customer
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