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MEMORANDUM FOR: SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP) for Fiscal Year 2015 1. REFERENCES: a. ADP/ADRP 6-22 b. ADP/ADRP 7-0 c. FM 7-1 d. AR 350-1 Chapter 4-10 e. NGB Regulation 600-200 f. NGIL Regulation 350-2 Chapter 6 2. The purpose of this memorandum is to establish educational priorities for the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the 33TH Military Police Battalion (MP BN) and provide training guidance for the planning, conducting, and execution of the NCODP for units within the 33TH MP BN for fiscal year 2015. 3. In order to maintain tactical, technical, and leadership proficiency all NCOs must be fully qualified in their career field and for their NCO level of…show more content…
NGIL-MEB-CM SUBJECT: Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP) for Fiscal Year 2015 5. NCODP will be included into the unit’s yearly training calendar (YTC). Training topics will be developed by the unit’s NCO leadership and approved by the unit commander. Approval will be documented and maintained in the unit’s NCODP binder. 6. Company Firsts Sergeants are responsible for ensuring NCODP is being conducted within their subordinate units. First Sergeants/Detachment Sergeants at the unit level are responsible for the unit’s NCODP to include the development of topics, conducting training, evaluation, and maintenance of the unit’s NCODP documentation binder. Unit NCODP binders are subject to inspection and will contain the following minimum items. a. Tab 1 - Copies of AR 350-1 Chapter 4-10 and NGIL 350-2 Chapter 6. b. Tab 2 - Higher Headquarters NCODP guidance. c. Tab 3 - Unit Commander’s NCODP approval memorandum. d. Tab 4 - NCODP topics list for the current fiscal year. e. Tab 5 - By rank, alphabetical tracking roster of all unit NCOs for the purpose of recording and monitoring NCODP attendance. It is recommended that this tracking roster (Tab 5) be maintained in a digital

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