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Memo report – Starbucks To: The marketing manager From: Simon Vestergaard Kristiansen, Marketing assistant Date: May 6th Subject: Starbucks Report As you previously requested I have worked out a memo report on; what Starbucks have done in the past, what they are doing now and how we can learn from them. It is very important to notice what competitors do when there are uncontrollable market conditions, so there can be an easier adapting process. Starbucks have 11.000 stores worldwide, and they serve more than 40 million customers each week and even with these enormous numbers Starbucks continues to grow. The reason Starbucks is still growing is that; people loves the products that Starbucks provide, but there is more to it,…show more content…
There isn’t a very large market for regular coffee anymore; consumers want to see different products and experience different flavors. The point of this is that Starbucks adapt to this trend by constantly trying to innovate their brand with new products, but at the same time they stay true to their brand and they don’t compromise on quality; that is what made their success. These things that I have lined up are what I have found that we at Café Nero can learn from Starbucks, I personally believe that Starbucks is a good source of inspiration and admiration as they have succeeded in so many ways. But what we also have to remember is that we also have to stay true to ourselves and not become something that we are not. Let Starbucks be Starbucks, and let us be Café

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