Memo on Metal Whistle Problems Essay

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Memo To: CEO of Toy Company From: Elementary Division Manger CC: Executive Team Date: 07/23/2011 ------------------------------------------------- Re: Discussion on the process of selecting decision alternatives for the whistle issue of the toy company, evaluating the advantages, disadvantages, legal, financial and ethical considerations involved in the various alternatives. The purpose of this memo is to outline three possible decision alternatives to address the problem of small lead traces to contents of metal whistles produced by a U.S toy company due for shipment to South America; by discussing the methods for the selection of decision alternatives, the advantages, disadvantages, ethical considerations, financial and…show more content…
Thirdly, we will qualify the inputs; and this principally involves deciding on the main representatives who will be actively involved in the decision-making process. In this case the company’s quality control regulatory representative, loss and prevention personnel and corporate task executive personnel will be the qualifying input for the issue. The next step will be to identify the potential consequences which include cost of the recall, safety to the children, preventing possible future law suits, decrease in company stock values, build an ethical reputation for the company and enhance quality control techniques to prevent future loses, The last step involves prioritizing values supported by the different solutions. In the metal whistles case they are three main decision priority alternatives which include * Protecting consumers from potential health hazards by implementing a recall/or not shipping the whistle * Protecting company from liable lawsuits by shipping the products to other countries where regulatory rules for lead levels in products like whistle, are less stringent and reproducing new toys with acceptable lead levels for future shipment to decrease company financial burden. * Maximizing the company’s profit by “unethically” shipping the products and ignoring the report on traces of lead found, while explicitly providing a disclaimer to potential clients of the possible health hazards that may

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