Memo to Martha Stewart, CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia Essay

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Memo to Martha Stewart, CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia

Dear Ms. Stewart,

I am writing to address some concerns I have about the future of your company, Martha Stewart Omnimedia (MSO). Perhaps the one issue that you are grappling with at present is about the Imclone scandal. You have been accused of selling $227,000 worth of Imclone stock based on inside information. Because of these charges of insider trading, your critics have summarily associated you with other disgraced company directors: Kenneth Lay of Enron and Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom. But the strange thing about your case is that while other CEOs have been charged for making use of their own companies to gain profit for themselves, you, on the other hand, have not
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However, it is perhaps not entirely right to say that your actions, or what you have been accused of, have nothing to do with MSO. Joan Didion, in her essay “,” suggests how your reputation is integral to MSO, and she quotes from MSO’s 1999 prospectus: “Our (MSO’s) business would be adversely affected if Martha Stewart’s public image or reputation were to be tarnished” (146). Indeed, a New York Times article by Constance L. Hays, dated 1 May 2003, reports that MSO’s “total revenue fell 14.6 percent in the first quarter” and that “the share price, battered after Ms. Stewart’s name surfaced in connection with the ImClone insider-trading investigation last summer, fell another 11.3 percent.” One could argue that MSO’s poor performance is necessarily due to the difficult state of the economy at present, but according to MSO’s accounts, your company was in fact posting growing revenue figures until you were implicated in the Imclone scandal. So as you can see, your public image is closely intertwined with the survival and prosperity of MSO. Your actions do indeed affect your stakeholders.

Your public image has always

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