Memoir: A Personal Story Of An Immigrant

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Imagine a couple flying millions of miles to adopt two children who have been abandoned by their parents. They gave me a second chance at a better life in the US. It all started in 2001, Saint Petersburg Russia, Carrie and Brendan flew over the seas. Traveled to a tiny town called Luga to pick up my brother and I. I was dressed in a child's dress and two hot pink bows. I was too young to remember most of these events but I’ve been told many times how it went. I was very curious when my parents came to meet me in the orphanage that I stayed in.
The first time we met I was super confused on what was happening. Like who are these strange people talking to me and giving me tons of candy. I remember that they brought me a new outfit to wear to the hotel and a huge ass bag of food that they brought. Candy and animal crackers . After I was changed and ready to go we got into a cab and drove over to my brothers orphanage. After
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They had seen videos the orphanage had sent us and the letters about us but it was better to see us in person. They were so amazing on how we were mini mes of my mom and dad. My mom and I both had red hair, brown eyes, freckles, and fair skin. My brother had the blond hair and blue eyes like my dad. It was crazy how similar we look. My parents didn’t even get to pick us out of a photo box, the ladies at the orphanage sent our photos and said here are your kids. Me and my brother were passed around to each new family member and I remember that my aunt had gotten me a Winnie-the-pooh bear that I loved. I carried that around with me everywhere I went. The family stayed for hours that days playing with us and getting to know us. My brother and I played with all of the toys that the family had gotten us. Our favorite toy was the toy box that had a sliding door and we used to sit in it together. We also ran around the house screaming and yelling, having a good
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