Memoir about My Life and Achievements

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Introduction Hundred years are a complete century and a 100 years old man experiences many ups and downs of life in this complete period so many times with different intervals. I am at this age right now, when I think about past and remember old times then I feel happy and sometimes sad too. When I think about my awards and achievements then I become happy and emotional because of having soft heart. Today at the age of 100, I am feeling blessed and happy because of so many reasons such as self-determination that helped me to achieve. The determination can be developed when one sets rules, principles and objectives in my life through positive thinking. It is not possible to achieve anything without clear objectives, targets and proper planning. In this old age, I do not feel old and lazy. In fact, I am really motivated and enthusiastic and because of this level of spirit I have lived a long life. The spirit of hard work and positivity always helps people to pass a long happy life. The description of achievements and ways of achievements may help people sometime. It is a real pleasure to write about life accomplishments because many people may need to know how to lead a long life and a complete doctorate degree in the field of business management. There are so many things that I am sharing in this memoir such as my academic as well professional achievements, my practical experiences, and targets that I focused in my life and procedures of getting to those achievements.
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