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We follow the life of Sayuri, who begins as a peasant in a fishing village, as she becomes a geisha. The real interest of this book is in the first half - her training and schooling. After that, the book devolves into a rather standard romance-novel-type plot concerning Sayuri's love for the Chairman, an important figure in her life.
Ivy, Resident Scholar

The story of a Japanese girl with unusual grey eyes that is taken away from her poor fishing village at the age of nine to be taken into slavery and be trained to become a geisha. Nitta Sayuri faces the many hardships of the art of becoming a geisha and her rival who adds to her burden. The arts of wearing a kimono, putting on makeup, pouring sake, having her virginity auctioned to
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Rivalry with an older geisha almost destroys her career. Sayuri is tormented and inspired by love for a man who she believes she cannot have. The story covers the period of the second world war - the end of an era for Japan.
Bryn Colvin, Resident Scholar

Chiyo, a small town girl in Japan, is sent to become a geisha in the big town of Gion. Things take a bad turn, however, when she runs afowl of the okiya's chief geisha. Now, Chiyo must face Hatsumomo's wrath, and the busy world of Gion, to become a geisha.
LyonSabre, Resident Scholar

Sayuri is taken to become a geisha while her mother is dying. She is separated from her sister and has to struggle against Mother and Auntie as well as her the woman teaching her the ways of the geisha. She also has to come to terms with the fact that she cannot be with the man she loves.
Jen, Resident Scholar

Sayuri is just a normal little girl in a fishing town in Japan. With a sick mother, and a quickly aging father, it seems as thought Sayuri and her sister, Satsu, may soon be alone in this world. However, a man soon visits their village and takes the sisters away--for a price--and soon they are introduced to a whole new world.
Sayuri and Satsu are separated not long after being removed from their hometown. Sayuri does not know what happens to her sister, but what happens to Sayuri
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