Memorable Moment Short Story

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Memorable Moment “ Let us go, please.” I yelled. “Ok where do you want to go?” Mom asked. “To the Lake, so pack.” I said My mom, my sister Hailey ,and packed. I packed the cooler for the drinks and food. While I opened the freezer, I saw all of the frost on the ice container and I saw fog come out of the freezer. As my face got cooled I tried to get the ice container I put both arms in the freezer and reached and reached. As I kept on reaching I felt all of the cold air go on my arms all the way down my legs. As I finally picked up the large white,plastic, ice container I felt all of the frost on the box now on my hands. As I set the container full of ice on the island. Then I finally lifted up the ice container and dumped the ice in the cooler I put the container in the freezer. As my mom told me to watch Hailey while she goes to get soda. I told Hailey to pack whatever she wants to pack. As Hailey was packing I was sitting there listening to music on my phone. When I heard my mom pull in into the driveway and into the garage I took of my headphones and packed the cooler into the enormous trunk.While my sister was getting buckled into her carseat I got hers stuff and put it in the trunk. My mom and I got buckled and mom pulled out of the garage and we were on the road in no time, but before we went to the lake we stopped at Sara's Ice Cream Shop. I got a large root beer float while my mom got an Icecream cone and so did my sister. 30 minutes later we have arrived at the lake. As I stepped out of the car I could feel the blazing hot concrete. I ran to the cool relaxing water. My mom took out the towels and the cooler out of the car and set our spot up on the smooth,dry, and crunchy sand. As my 2 year old sister got her princess floaties on I saw a 10 foot cliff jump spot. As I walked up the steep,slippery, and light green mossy rocks. As I got to the top I got nervous, at that very moment somebody did a belly flop. While they did the belly flop I saw some pebbles fall of the 10 foot cliff. As I stepped up to the edge of the 10 foot it looked like a 15 foot cliff. As I jumped of the cliff I did a cannonball, as I was doing a cannonball I felt all of the air blowing in my face, I opened my mouth
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