Essay on Memorable Moments In Mark Twain's Huck Finn

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Mark Twain’s famous novel, Huckleberry Finn, was published in 1855. The story was based off a character that was an ornery and crazy boy, but still had a kind heart. In the time period of the novel it was during the movement of slaves becoming their own people, and regaining their freedom. This was a hard concept for the people of America to accept. The story follows Huck as he helps free Jim, a slave who had escaped due to the fact that he was going to be sold. This idea for a novel was a very different idea, and had been one of the first novels to be publicly banned; yet Mark Twain was at peace with it because he understood it would bring up his sales. Huck Finn has an important moral message throughout the novel, and Huck grows into a …show more content…

Through the novel you see an internal battle of will for Huck, and all of the fighting inside of his head starts off from the very first, and last prank he plays on Jim. The scene of Jim’s near death experience with the snake is vital for Huck’s maturity to be finally kicking in. He sees Jim as a true person, and the fact that he would jeopardize someone’s life like that scared him into becoming more of a mature young man. Thus, he helps Jim in any situation that comes across as trouble. For example, the Duke and King when they turned him in, Huck went and pretended to be Tom Sawyer to retrieve Jim back. He even went through extravagant events in towns to help out Jim. In the novel, Huckleberry Finn, the two characters Jim and Huck grow closer than ever over their crazy adventure on the little raft. It all of their connections start because of the prank, the silly rattlesnake prank. Jim felt touched that Huck cared enough to feel a lot of remorse after his prank that the next part of the book Jim tells him a personal story about his child. Overall, the prank that was to just start out a novel had evolved into a great friendship between a traditional southern boy, and a slave who desires his freedom. They endure multiple problems together, and seem to always be there for each other, all because of the trust built from a ridiculous snake prank. Mark

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