Memorandum On Firearm Policies While Answering The Four Main Questions

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This memo is to provide an institutional analysis of my memorandum on firearm policy while answering the four main questions you provided. First, I will explain how I approached this problem by using frameworks from class. Second, I will analyze how the audience shaped my proposal and whether they are likely to accept what I have outlined. Third, I will explain why my proposal work will achieve the desired outcome while analyzing the mechanisms I considered. Finally, I will provide arguments as to why this is the right memo at the right time for the right people.

1. I’ve used various frameworks from class to approach this issue. I applied concepts from Alinsky, Cobb Elder, and lessons from Sinclair. I based my work on Alinsky theory of “limited wins. My objective is to gradually implement firearm control policies. In this case my policy was limited to prevent criminal from purchasing firearms and documenting private firearm transactions. Even if this policy is implemented, other issues such as mentally ill people and potential domestic terrorist having access to all kinds of weapons, including assault rifles, will still loom society.

Alinsky argues that power is built through establishing and shaping an organization to reach policy objectives (Sinclair 2016 Lecture 5, s52). In other words, power is the reason for being of organizations (Alinsky 1971). As part of this assignment I assumed that I worked for an established organization called NY-CPS. This fictitious…

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