Memorial Hospital Case Study

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❖ WHAT I VALUE . . . FAMILY – A Family is my learning center for life and our shelter in times of storms and problems. RELATIONSHIP – it enhance our life experience exponentially,particularly the relationships we have with those closest and it provide a yardstick by which we can examine and live out our values--that is, when each person's values are acknowledged, respected, and equally supported within the relationship. WORK – one of the fundamental source of learning and when you work, you develop new skills, learn new things, and create a record of employment. COMMUNITY – it where people fits in and a group where we can shareour feelings, happiness and sorrows with our friends, realtives and other. SPIRITUAL – it gives…show more content…
But there needs to be a place that no matter where the house is, there is a family in it that I know can be counted on for support when these changes come. We need a shelter in the storm. RELATIONSHIP – All relationship problems stem from poor communication skills, and the differences between partners will always be there as we are all individuals with different values, priorities and ways of dealing with issues. SPIRITUAL – identity crisis wherein people experienced drastic changes to our unique purposes, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and focus typically because of a spontaneous spiritual experience. WORK – it have to do with both its quantity and its quality and are not limited to the travails of any one group. Those problems include the low wages in most sectors of the economy; the unemployment, underemployment, and precarious employment suffered by many workers; and the overwork that often characterizes even the most privileged forms of employment after all, even the best job is a problem when it monopolizes so much of life. COMMUNITY – there are numerous of problems to faced in a community. Like poverty, violence and crime, and low income and inability to ensure basic goods and services, and discrimination. ❖ HOW I DEAL WITH CIRCUMSTANCES . . . HOME – We all have storms in life because sometimes life get tough. We experience the rain and the dark storms.
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