Memories In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Memories come and go with time but, some things are never forgotten. As humans we push away the memories from traumatic experiences but, often let the bad times over ride the good. Most memories adults remember occurred between the age 16 and 25. After years of burying the traumatic experience would you allow another to bring back memories? The main characters in Toni Morrison’s book Beloved are faced with people from their past. Throughout the book Morrison gives examples about how love makes it easier to forget the past. Beloved goes to prove that even if you try burying your past, it will always come back around. Sethe, the main character was sold into slavery at the age of 13 to a farm where men dreamt of her every night. One of the men from the farm showed up at Sethe …show more content…

When the sheriff got closer to Sethe and her baby, Sethe decided it was time to keep her baby sade. Sethe thought that killing her baby would be better than sending the baby into slavery. “She did not look at them; she simply swung the baby toward the wall planks, missed and tried to connect a second time…” (pg. 85) When this occurred Sethe let her past block her mindset of the future. Even though Sethe was scared no for herself but for her baby, she still wanted nothing to do with her past. This shows how tragic Sethe’s past was when she was a slave and she doesn’t want anyone able to bring it back to her. Throughout the book Morrison proves a point that people can bring back memories from the past even after you’ve buried them for a very long time. Sethe didn’t want her child to go through what she did, she reminisced on her child, and thought about what she went through when carrying her child. Though some concepts throughout the book were hard to grab ahold of, Morrison proved a point. Some people are going to bring back memories. You’re past is with you no matter how hard you try to forget

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