Memories Of My Life

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My first memory was of my cousin and I playing on the balcony of our two-bedroom apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland. We were throwing a tennis ball back and forth and when it was my turn to throw it to my cousin, I threw it a smidge too far. The tennis ball went behind a broken mirror table, and my cousin insisted that he should go and retrieve it. So he did, and we continue to play without a clue that my cousin had actually been deeply cut on his cheek by the broken glass. My aunt realized it as soon as we came indoors. It was a deep wound and the scar of it is still there today. This event may seem irrelevant, but that was how my life was structured-- going on with life without realizing the pain. My parents have always been there for me. Both came from low-income families in the West African countries of Senegal and Gambia. Both struggled to come to America in hopes of a better life and the “ American dream” for their future children. My dad arrived in America first with his closest friends that I only know as my uncles. My mom arrived two years later and after two months of ‘courting’ with my dad, they got married. A year later, they had me. The three of us lived with my dad’s close school friend, his wife, and my brave cousin. The only memories that I have of the little apartment in Silver Spring are filled with happiness and a huge 1st birthday party. My memories are only happy because I was blinded from the reality of the situation. My parents

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