Memories Of My Life

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My childhood is full of many fond memories. When I think back to some of the earliest times, I can only remember tiny sparks and flickers of certain moments. However, at a certain age, I began to more vividly remember events in my life. The first family vacation I can fully recall was a trip my family took to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When I found out about the trip it was Christmas morning. My brother and I each got an envelope, which encased tickets to Disney World. I was ecstatic to go to Disney World because it was a childhood dream come true for me! When the day of the trip arrived, we stuffed all of our luggage into the back of our minivan and began our trip to the airport in Charlottesville, Virginia. We waited three long hours for our flight to leave Charlotteville, but we finally got onto the plane. I had a feeling of butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the plane to take off. I sat next to my dad, and he held my hand to take away the nerves. From above the clouds, everything looked miniature, and I remember feeling like a giant. We flew from Charlottesville, Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina. At the airport in Charlotte, our flight to Orlando was delayed. We waited an eternity, and I wasn’t surprised to find that it was dark outside when we boarded our plane. We flew through a small city in Georgia, and all of the lights resembled a cluster of glowing stars. We reached Orlando, Florida around 12:30 AM, and our journey to the Swan and Dolphin

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