Memories Of The Past Has Influenced American History

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Memories of the past has influenced many of the early traditional historians in creating their ideas of early Texas History. Personal narratives passed on to historians became the foundation for many of the early writers in developing an early identity for the state. Unfortunately, many of the early histories supported and primarily Anglo culture and a Top-Down approach to history. Most of the early history was written relative to the Anglo viewpoint and biased opinions. Fortunately, many underrepresented cultures now have a voice and the capabilities to provide personal accounts and history as passed down within said culture. Now, new historians can use personal narratives and memories from within other cultures to validate or…show more content…
Web was a son of teacher, spent allot of time farming and taking care of animals on farm in west Texas. He drew up poor on the range and was exposed to many cowboys with pistols and ranching. These early experiences influenced Webb in his writing and was based on his perception of what they were instead of what they were in actuality. J. Frank Dobie was one of three friends credited with “inventing” Texas Literature. Dobie, Roy Bedicheck and Walter P Webb.3 Inventing history instead of writing as it happened is another example of writing based on memory. Memories can be true or false but cannot necessary be understood as factual events. Most of his writings would be classified as folklore rather than history however he did have standards to his writing. Dobie demanded of historical writing: reality, vividness, authenticity, and readability.4 Unfortunately, readability may be an area that truths were distorted in favor of a entertainment or support of a higher Anglo cause. Yet because history, memory and personal accounts are entertaining, they will be passed on from each generation. History will continue because of the wide spread assumption that Texas history is colorful, unique, and expansive field of inquiry, filled with all sorts of narrative stories that provide good reading for demanding public.5 Selecting memories of our
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