Memories To Play Basketball

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Some memories I can recall is when I wanted to play basketball with my brother and cousins. I wanted to play but I know I could not play basketball. Also they would only allow boys to play with them. I remember standing under the goal as they were shooting the ball through the net. I was thinking they would not try to make the basket. Boy was I wrong; they continue to shoot the basketball. The ball would go through the net and bounce off of my head. My brother and cousins thought that was so funny. After a few minutes of the ball bouncing off of my head I finally gave up trying to play basketball that day. Another memory I had was when my cousin and I decided to make our own slip and slide. We had some old tarps and blankets. We put the blankets down first then we put the tarps on top of the blankets. We put some dishwashing soap on the tarps. Then we put water all down the tarps. We would take turns sliding down the tarp to see who could slide down the tarp the farthest .After a few minutes I cut my knee on some glass that was under the blankets and tarps. I can remember when I was riding the bus home from school. I lived on a dirt road and it had poured down raining that day. I was sitting behind the bus driver. The road…show more content…
My youngest brother that he know everything about his bicycle and racing. We were racing each other on a dirt road. We would go around the road to see who was the fastest. It was his turn to race and he was trying to cheat in the race. He started before he was supposed to start. He was not looking at the road but looking to see if the other person had started. We were yelling to tell him to stop . He thought we were playing a trick on him. When he finally saw we were serious he hit his brakes and slide down the hill. He collided it with the tail end of a car. He flipped in the air and landed in some bushes. He was not hurt but his bicycle tire had to be
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