Memorizing Scripture

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There is a record of a great spiritual battle that was won only with words. Not angry words, not hateful or spiteful words. These were words that had been written centuries before this great incident. These were powerful words, words that carried authority, words that when used properly, at just the right time, became very effective weapons.

Of course, I'm speaking of the response to Satan by Jesus during the time of his temptation ( Matthew ch. 4 and Luke ch. 4). On this occasion the body of Jesus was weak from extended fasting. The pressure of Satan was fierce, but the words that Jesus used were more than adequate for anything that Satan could use against Him. That is because the words that he chose were the inspired words of God. " The
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I know that spiritually cold, careless Christians who seldom even read the bible certainly are not interested in memorizing scripture. But I'm talking about individuals who are interested and would like to be able to recall more of the Bible. Could it be that most people find memorization really difficult? I am a minister of the Gospel with more than thirty years experience and I can promise you scripture memory is a difficult process.

The greatest problem that I find with memorizing scripture is that most people only know the old ROTE memory method. That is hard, boring, and not very effective. While some repetition is certainly necessary, there are very effective methods that can be used to help in the retention and recall of scripture.

Many years ago, realizing that my ability to retain and recall scripture was poor at best, I set out on a quest to find methods for reinforcing my memory ability. What I found was that there is quite a lot of information on how the memory works and how to improve it. Much of what I learned has helped me tremendously. Over the years I have learned to effectively use my God given abilities like visualization, imagination, classification, organization, and association to help in the recall of God's
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