Memory Essay : The Last Memory

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The Last Memory
Nevaeh’s future was changed. As tears ran down her face, words could not describe the way she felt. Who knew what destiny had in store for her at age 18. All she went through and when her life made a sudden twist, she was shocked. Not having someone her side was the hardest thing for her. She never really had anybody to guide her to the right path, protect her, love her, and support her. It's been so many years and she still couldn’t cope with it. But now all of a sudden she comes across 2 people.
Nevaeh is sent to the future to meet 2 people she never met before. She’s in a different country and time. She then comes across a cafe named after a familiar name. She looks around and has no idea on what was happening. What was she doing here?
Nevaeh has never met her parents before. She grew up half of her life with her aunt, then foster care, and now she has her own house. She worked so hard all her life and graduated early due to why she has her own house now. Nevaeh is a diligent and down to earth female who is so mature. Eva and Reina were twins and went to school with Nevaeh since middle school. All 3 do look like they can be sisters but each of their beauty is unique in their own way. Nevaeh was the type of girl to impress anybody. Her hair was like a rushing waterfall, flowing down her back. Her dark brown shining eyes were beautiful but with a wave of fire in them. She was one of a kind who’s smile never left, even after all she went through. Neveah

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