Memory Process

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This paper will analyze the results of the memory test. As a part of the analysis, the paper is addressing the following: working memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory, the paper will also describe the selected test and the results. The paper will also explain the role of encoding and retrieval in the memory process and it relates to the selected test and results. In this paper, I will evaluate variables associated with encoding information and ease of retrieval as they relate to the specific test and results. The following are components of memory and short term memory has a limited capacity to hold information, in contrast with the virtually unlimited capacity of long-term memory. According to the…show more content…
The characteristics of healthy memory function are proper sleep and without proper rest, there is no reliable memory. One of the problems that I had was that since I am in graduate school and working and have a family sleep deprivation is always a concern. Lack of sleep can cause me to be exhausted when I awaken, and unable to manage through the day, and although I may be in bed for eight hours, the deep sleep is not longer than five hours. The resulting lack of sleep and recall ability can create susceptibility to forgetting, and the inability to have a working memory. The four components of memory include the central executive which allocates attention, phonological memory which is defined as an individual's awareness of the sound, structure of spoken word, and visiospatial memory which is the ability to remember locations. A storage buffer connects working memory to long term memory, furthermore, a storage buffer refers to the way that information filters into the long-term memory. Encoding- how information is transferred to long-term memory Elaborative processing relates the to be learned material to already known material May provide more depth to the process May increase distinctiveness of the memory May require more cognitive effort
The definition of visual coding is Learner variables

The learner brings specific
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