Memory Strategies Essay

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Memory Strategies 2 Abstract      The research is demonstrating the use of memory strategy in an educational setting; this study examines the use of chunking on telephone numbers by students on campus. There were a total of 40 students that participated, and they were split into two groups consisting of 20 students per group. The control group used chunking as their memory strategy for memorizing a list of 10 telephone numbers. In contrast, the experimental group has used no specific strategy to memorize the list of numbers that was given to them. Each group was given 15 minutes to memorize their list of 10 telephone numbers and they had 5 minutes to write it down on paper. People that used memory strategies has…show more content…
His participants had to remember a list of items by categorizing each one by specific groups, such as produce or dairy products. In doing so, each participant was able to find the products they needed. When people broke Memory Strategies 4 down a list of items, it has shown greater results of them retaining all the necessary information. Since each item was categorized, it has made it easier for people to remember things more effectively.      In another study, that involves the uses of memory strategies, students had to remember a list of vocabulary words their teacher had randomly assigned to them. The students memorized the list of vocabulary words by dividing them into groups of similar characteristics (Anderson, J. R., & Bower, G. H. 1974). For the students that has used a mnemonic strategy, they have remembered more words than students that remembered the list in a randomly fashion. The results have shown that people have improved their memory capacity; by finding a strategy that helps them recalls more items.      In each of the studies, the participants have greater results in retaining more information by using certain strategies to guide them through the task. Their ability to memorize things has improved by the use of repetition and categorizing the list into a meaningful structure. Each person has their own way of interpreting information and
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