Memphis Meats: A Gap Analysis

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Population experts predict that, by the year 2100, there will be 10 billion humans on the Earth. And yet, the world has not made valid plans regarding how to develop enough food to feed that number of people. Second only to clean water availability, feeding their people could end up being the biggest problem facing many countries around the world. The five countries with the highest projected populations are India, China, Nigeria, the United States, and Tanzania. Those countries alone are expected to have a combined populace of 4 billion hungry souls. That’s a lot of people to feed.
We’ve heard a great deal over the years about increasing crop yields, GMO’s, hybrid foods, and any number of ways to increase food production efficiency. Pesticides
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A supposed volunteer taste tester said, “It’s good. It tastes like a meatball.”
And there you go. Mission accomplished, many would say. At this point in time, Memphis Meats estimates the cost to produce a pound of beef from Memphis Meats is $18,000, not quite to Value Meal level yet.
While Memphis Meats beef is still incredibly expensive, other researchers have been working on the problem and have developed some less expensive alternatives. Mark Post, a scientist in the Netherlands, claims to have reduced the costs for his lab-grown beef to $11 per patty, bringing it closer to that Happy Meal threshold.
Memphis Meats is said to be concentrating mostly on pork products. Speculation is, with one of their founders owning a chain of barbeque restaurants, could a lab grown pulled-pork sandwich be their first product to make it to a
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Verification tests must be put in place to make sure the product being touted is indeed a real meat product. Recent incidents of food fraud, especially in products from China, have shown up in everything from baby formula to pet foods. A newly released report states that a significant portion of the grated Parmesan cheese we use every day may contain ground up wood pulp. New rules and laws concerning cultured foods are going to be required, but, like any other form of regulations, the producers will probably fight and lobby tooth and nail to keep their industry as free from government control as possible. This may give a whole new meaning to the term Mystery
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