Men And Women : A Woman 's Friendliness As A Sexual Attraction Than Women

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People say that boys are better or girls are better but they are wrong they are just better in certain things. Like Serena Williams, she is good at tennis, or like Shaq is better at dunking. So no one can really say which ever one is better.
Men view a woman’s friendliness as a sexual attraction than women. Males are more likely to perceive interactions in sexual terms than female. As a result, this can affect how men view women in sports.
Studies confirm that females are physically different than men. However, that does not mean that women will not respond different than men in sports activities.
Commentators talk about athletes and when they speak of men they talk about their strength. When commentators talk about women they don’t talk about their strength.
Men heal from injuries differently than women. Some statistics suggest that men heal better than women with the same injury.
Using science to determine the difference between men and women can be equalized. Change the measurements used to review men and women and I bet you can come up with the same answer.

When women are portrayed in television they are used as sexual objects. Many women you see on tv are wearing tight clothes and showing a lot of skin.
Some people say yes but they don’t understand that most men wouldn 't hit a girl, let alone tackling and possibly causing injury. That is why people don’t want girls going against boys.
Many feel that if a female excelled in a sport, that she is masculine and a

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