Men And Women In The Sun Also Rises

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In the book the sun also rises written by Ernest Hemingway men and women are seen differently and different individuals. Some men act differently than others and some women act differently, and the treat certain people differently from others.this makes me wonder how phoney and fake people where and how hard it probably was to determine the real from the fake. in the book you had people lying to friends because they did not want to do certain things and just did not want to come out in say the truth, but instead they would lie. In the book some men like Robert Chlon who are born in privileged household with wealth and who were able to go to prestigious schools such as princeton.Robert was a man who took many things for granted although he had this good life already he wanted to do a lot of unnecessary things such as boxing he did not enjoy it but he still did it, “he cared nothing for boxing,in fact he disliked it, but he learned it…show more content…
Jake also fought in World War one which made him a more fragile than his friends and people who did not fight in the war. Jake who is in love with Brett has a hard time with expressing their love, and Jake jake is always talking about him being sick, but never shows any signs of sickness, which makes me wonder what type of injury he has and why he talks about it as sickness. in a conversation between Georgette and Jake, “your not a bad type, she said.its a shame youre sick. we get on well. whats the matter with you anyway? i got hurt in the war, i said. oh that dirty war.” Georgette who is Jake’s date and who is also a prostitute who really likes Jake but he does not wish to go down that way with her so he tells her he is sick and it is not like a sick sick that we are use too but a sickness from the war. and he uses that as an excuse to why he does not wish to pursue her or any other women at
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