Men And Women Should Be Equal

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While one would like to believe that men and women are equal, they’re not. They are

different psychically and mentally. Men and women deserve to be equal socially, economically,

and politically. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to treat them equally physically and

mentally. While both are equally capable of being doctors, lawyers, and in office, they have

different needs when it comes to their physical and mental health. A prison that is equal for

women and men sounds like a big step towards equality, and it could be, if it is done right.

Equality means different things to different people. If the prison doesn’t carefully handle the

programs, protection and treatment of the inmates according to their gender, ethnicity, age

and co-ed time in the yard, the prison will not last.

Men and women should be equal. However, some take it too far. Less than ten percent of

the prison population in the United States are women, so making a prison that is half men and

half women is unnecessary. A prison like that is an example of equality with a vengeance. While

men and women deserve to be treated equally socially, economically and politically, they cannot

be treated equally physically. Men and women especially cannot be treated equally in prison

because they have different needs. Female criminals generally pose a lesser risk to society than

men but strict compliance to equality guidelines has caused women to be in medium security

facilities which…
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