Men And Women : The Greatest Achievement Than Any Man Or Woman?

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No human being could grasp the truth of our existence, or the existence our universe and all that reside within. All we are able to do, is attempt to comprehend what God’s purpose in his creation of our universe. Throughout the existence humanity, we have deemed this understanding as the “Logos” or “Truth”. To reach Logos would be the greatest achievement than any man or woman could achieve, yet this is something that is unheard of. Throughout history man has attempted to achieve logos, while others determined reasons why man will never be able to attain it. There were also those who claimed to have reached Logos, but were usually thought of as liars, thus providing information that was not the truth. Yet, what if these men and women truly did reach Logos? How would common men and women be able to understand? The answer is blurry because of the lack of understanding that we have of what is “truth”. It is agreed that the only being that is capable of having complete Logos is God, the creator of all. It was believed that only through the practice of Christianity can man achieve Logos; through the teachings of God himself. Even those who were Christian argued how to truly practice their faith, and how to show their understanding of God. Some men a women believed that they could only truly understand God by understanding his creations. Thus a majority of scholars and philosophers believed they were beginning to grasp an understanding of God. On the other hand, there were those
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