Men And Women Working Out Together

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Men and Women Working Out Together - PSA Proposal Having a video with pictures, music, and watching workouts will prove to be important and will grab the attention of anyone watching because they will be able to see the muscles, hear the music that helps describe the workouts, and viewing the workouts to come to a idea of what needs to be fixed. Pictures I would use would be men exercising cardio workouts and women exercising muscular workouts. The photos in the video will be a form of pathos because the photos will draw attention from both women and men students at the University of Kentucky and will project a certain message that will touch the emotional side and relate to the looks of men and women Deciding to make a video will be more useful and easier to understand the gender workout divides between men and women. Social media both uses men and women, men with big muscles, six-pack, and popping veins. Then women are shown on social media with a skinny waist and a flat stomach. Both genders will see these fit people and will say “I want to look like that”. This causes both genders to stick to one workout over another. In the video I will add music that appeals to both men and women and get these minds thinking. I confidently think that adding music will grab the attention of my audience and make them want to keep watching. The idea of music is “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. Eminem song is ranked second on an article on Muscle&Fitness
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