Men And Women 's Women

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Typical, typical, typical - the word stated previously has become almost synonymous with United State culture. Typical has become a “typical” word and certainly has become a harsh and heavy one in today’s society and culture. We use typical objects and devices, we do typical activities, and we watch typical phenomena. Our society today seems to lack creativity and is stuck in a rut of sameness and stereotypes. Steven Craig writes, in his published essay Men’s Men and Women’s Women, about exactly how and why American culture has become “typical” in regards to the television commercial industry. He brings to light the gender roles and stereotypes these commercials are promoting and the new American culture they are fostering. Craig’s main purpose is to highlight the conundrums seen on an American’s television, more specifically commercials, as they promote trite gender roles and are “created to appeal, respectively, to male and female consumers” (Craig 182). Craig is concise with his argument and addresses his audience directly. Craig’s tone is critical yet contemplative at the same time. Craig is able to appeal to an audience because he is able to relate to an important part of American culture: television. With his tone, a reader is able to feel more relaxed as there is not a certain “call to action” produced by Craig. Craig even begins his essay by talking about beer, for example, “Men and women both drink beer. But you wouldn’t guess that from the television ads that pitch…
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