Men Approaching Death

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“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas describes how men feel when approaching death. The readers are encouraged to approach death with hesitation because you can offer a lot more to this world if you have the determination to live longer. Thomas use of literary devices emphasize this idea and gives examples of how men approach death.
The poem begins with the speaker talking to an unknown listener and ends by telling us that the unknown listener is the speaker’s father. The speaker describes the behaviors of various types of outstanding men and how they view their lives. Throughout the poem, the speaker encourages the reader to fight until their last dying breath. Thomas directly relates to this poem because it was written as he watched his father wither away. This poem symbolizes his father’s determination to fight.
The structure of the poem itself is a very important factor, as it describes the different views of men
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Darkness symbolizes death and how it is inevitable. Death is something that everyone will experience but that does not mean one should allow it to define them. People are should fight for as long as they can before they greet death and that is exactly what Thomas is trying to say in the second stanza. Thomas uses the experiences of the noble men in the third stanza to show that they were contempt with what they did with their life but acknowledge that there is still more time for them. The noble men are to “rage against the dying of the light” as they are on their last wave (9). They reminisce on their pasts together and become aware that although they are near their end they can still accomplish more in life. Moreover, they approach death with hesitation because they feel like they haven’t done the most they can with their life. They fight against death to try and utilize the time they still have
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