Men Smoke More Than Women Essay

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In addition I will analyse my primary data with Figures show that, men smoke more than women however the gap is no longer as wide as it previously was in the UK. In 1948 the prevalence of smoking amongst men was 65% compared to 41% in women, whereas in 2010 it was 40% in women and 42% in men (Cancer Research UK, 2012). F. Results Figure1 Figure2 Figure3 From my primary research I found that Figure 1 shows that across all age groups men are more likely to smoke than women. Based on the Pie Chart above it’s quite obvious that in 2014 20% of men aged 16 and over smoked compared with 17% of women. Smoking prevalence is seems to be at its highest when it comes to young adults, 23% of those aged 16-24 and 24% among the 25-34 age group Actin Smoking and Health (ASH). However smoking looks to be at its lowest among people aged 55 and over. Even though they are more likely than younger people to have ever been smokers, they now seem to be more likely to have stopped smoking due to one thing or the other. According to recent history and surveys conducted by the NHS it’s reported that the highest recorded level of smoking among men in Great Britain was 82% in 1948, of whom 65% smoked manufactured cigarettes. Hence Figure 2 also demonstrates that male have quite a high number of smokers across the years gone by, it believed that this is due to a significant numbers of men smoked pipes or cigars instead of,

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