Men Vs. Women in Advertisements Essay

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Men Vs. Women and Advertisements

Since the emergence of advertising in American culture one thing that has remained constant is the visible truth that men and women are portrayed differently. In consideration to the evolution of man kind gender roles have evolved immensely throughout time, although advertisements have not kept up with this process of evolution. Companies to this day use their tactics and skills to reach out to specific genders such as pretty fonts with a stylish message, while advertisements towards men portray the character as strong and intimidating. The typical viewer can easily spot the difference in the portrayal of genders. Men are portrayed this way because the viewers look up to these characters, they want to be like them, if an advertiser were to use someone overweight and lacking in physical attributes it would lose most viewers due to a lack of interest in that character.
Depending on the product an advertiser is trying to sell the advertisement is created around whom it is being sold to. For example a men’s cologne advertisement uses dark ominous colors with a well-dressed good-looking man. Everything about said advertisement appeals to men in general, there is nothing about the ad that is meant attract the female consumer.
As for the consumers it does attract, the guys that are willing to buy the product are looking to attract the women that the men in the advertisements are able to attract. It gives the consumer a false sense of…