Men in the Lives of Charlotte Temple and Hester Prynne

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The American novels Charlotte Temple and The Scarlet Letter are similar in many ways. Some of the most obvious are that both of the novels revolve around the lives of ruined women. In Charlotte Temple, Charlotte is seduced by the charming solder John Montraville, who singlehandedly manages to tarnish her reputation by leaving her a young, pregnant, outcast. Hester Prynne also goes through public humiliation for her actions with Arthur Dimmesdale. However, these women are greatly affected by the men in their lives, who are much of the cause of the women's turmoil. In both Charlotte and Hester's stories, there are men who contribute to their downfall. Charlotte is easily persuaded by Montraville, because she is so young and naive.…show more content…
This continues the cycle of men not owning up to what they have done, nor getting in trouble. Roger Chillingsworth is The Scarlet Letter's equlivilant to Temple's Belacour. He is the mastermind behind his wife Hester's demise, and intentionally seeks harm on her. In the beginning of the novel, he goes to visit her in jail. He tells her, "Live, therefore, and bear about they doom with thee, in the eyes of men and women - in the eyes of him whom thou didst call thy husband - in the eyes of yonder child!" (Letter, 70). All he wants is revenge and his mission changes from making Hester's life miserable, to finding out the identity of Pearl's father. Both Montraville and Dimmsdale try to make up for the wrong they have brought on the lives of these women. Montraville tries to provide some kind of care for Charlotte by giving her money, which she never receives due to the wicked efforts of Belacour. After Montraville finds out about what he has done to Charlotte he tries to relieve guilty conscience by seeking out Belacour and killing him. However, this does not make up for the fact that Charlotte did not get the opportunity to clear her name. In The Scarlet Letter, Dimmsdale finally confesses at the end, but people still hold him in high regard. They look at him as a saintly member or society, even though he idly sat by and watched while Hester was ridiculed and shunned. These men have not only sullied the

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