Men versus Women's View on Abortion

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Pro-life is being on the side of giving an unborn baby the gift of life. Pro-choice is just the opposite, it is choosing to “reverse” the life that is within the womb. There are various consequences when choosing to follow the procedure of abortion. Many are aware of those consequences as well as many are not, because of this it does affect the choice of the men and women who choose to have this procedure or not or whether it is the right or the wrong thing to do. Like Sollisch (2006) included in his personal experience with abortion “…a mistake that an abortion could reverse but never erase” (p. 2). Sollisch first agreed for his girlfriend to abort but once he got married and his new wife gave him a child he realized why people were against it and understood the meaning of life. While many may think that abortion is not an appropriate way to get out of what they see as a “problem”, many people in both genders do consider abortion as a “problem solver”. Even after all those excuses; there are amounts of other reasons why a person decides if they are with abortion or against it. Whether it is the level of education, the circumstance they are in or the simple fact of being at a young age can also affect the view, depending on the gender.
Men’s Point of View
Allot (2012) states “the real dividing lines are elsewhere. Education, age, religiosity, political affiliation, marital status and even regional differences play a…

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