Men vs Women (Compare and Contrast) Essays

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As the age old saying goes, “Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. The conflicting views of men and women have been questioned for centuries, noting how men and women differ in emotion, affection, and communication.
Women tend to be more emotional and rational then men, whereas men are far less emotional and react on impulse. The different understanding of the ways that each sex communicates is still to be studied. Women tend to react more emotionally than men, resulting in submerging themselves, mind body and soul into making decisions. Meanwhile men, impulsively react to situations for the sake of having a reason to do so. Men see women as less competent to making decisions that involve a lot of thought, and this is due to women’s
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When the opposite sex does not understand the other on a certain issue, problems and disagreements arise. When one person has disentanglement in views, everyone involved is affected because people tend to feel misconstrued in what they believe is right. This is a significant problem because, if men and women cannot understand each other, the essence of communication is lost on many levels, in terms of the work place, love, life, and as well as affairs. Miscommunication in relationships is often a result of breakups and unhealthy relationships. Women are often much more affected by the ways that men communicate and resolve issues. Fighting in relationships is a representation of not fully understanding your mate. People in relationships argue all the time and those arguments are usually based on a misunderstanding. Women often say that they do not understand men, and men don't understand women. They try to understand deeper, rather then remaining at the surface of the problem. The emotional differences of men and women vary in temperaments of emotion which indicates a disconnection in communication, moral motivation, stereotypes, and chemical reactions in the brain. Men's and women's emotional outlooks are viewed by stereotypes. Men are usually the more aggressive sex, and women are usually the more passive sex. Men are seen as the more sexual gender, and that they solely want sex. Our
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