Men vs. Women: Divergent Traits Essay example

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When I think about the differences between men and women, there are many different ways to go about listing their individual distinctions. Although we are both human beings, men and women are in fact totally opposite. Supplementary to the obvious difference, sex type, there are numbers of other subjects left waiting to be analyzed. When it comes to males, there are scores of behaviors that come natural for them. Males are naturally independent figures. They prefer not to depend on anything but themselves. A man would rather stay lost for days than ask a gas station manager for directions. Men work alone as autonomous beings. It seems that a man would rather fix the kitchen sink himself and do it the wrong way ten different times, than …show more content…
A natural breadwinner- man’s character provides food for his tribe, his family. However, when the day comes that he brings a road-kill raccoon home to his tribe for dinner, he realizes that it is in fact time for him to get a job. Along with providing for his family, it also comes natural for a man to serve and protect. Males are territorial; they are willing to fight for what is theirs and defend the people or that they hold dear to them. They will also fight you for the television remote control on Sunday at two-o’clock, because NASCAR is coming on and they will not stand for missing the race. Men are hunters and protectors, and it is in their nature to grab their shotguns and turn redneck when necessary.
Women, on the other hand, are much different. They are naturally dependant figures and would much rather marry and spend someone else’s money than their own. Like men, women like to make sure household chores are done correctly. Unlike men, they would rather hire a professional to do the job for them, than risk breaking a nail doing it on their own. Women are more likely to conform to new ways of life than men are. It is because of this trait that the second a woman’s latest Vogue magazine arrives in the mail, she is likely to sneak off with her husband’s credit card to “conform” some more.
Most women are natural born mothers. It is in their nature to show love and care for all beings of nature. It is also in their nature to bring home

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