Men vs Women at the Pool

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Men vs Women at the Pool It was a Friday afternoon and the sun was shining off of her freckled nose. She was in a rage because her male counterpart had made plans to go the pool with the rest of his male friends. “Why can’t I go?” She asked in a whiney voice. “ Because this is man time. Besides, you said you had things to do today.” He replied in a deep voice, as he scratched at his five o’clock shadow. It was funny how she would always have her “Girls Night Out” and he wouldn’t say a word about it. He actually liked the peace and quiet it afforded him. But if the tables were to ever turn as they did on that beautiful day, she could not understand for the life of her where this sudden…show more content…
It is like when lions go hunting they lie camouflaged in the bushes watching their prey gather around the waterhole. In this case, the tinted glass supplies protection from being identified as a predator. Along side the man, are his other friends, which usually serve as some sort of back up if the job at hand should ever require more than one man. Along side these urban predators is their trusty cooler, containing what is usually nothing less then ninety percent beer. This allows the process of one man making another man look stupid a much easier process. The women sunbathing around the pool could care less about the men around them getting drunk and loud. The women are usually too busy talking about the weather, shopping, or the hunk across the pool to ever notice most of the men staring them down. This also has a lot to do with what has come to be known as “The Rayban Effect." The women pay no attention to the men, because they cannot tell if the men are paying attention to them. Occasionally, you will see a couple come to the pool together. The woman with her hair done and her suntan lotion on, while the male lags behind with both of their towels and a cooler full of water, juice and sometimes a six-pack, if the woman allows. This along with any other articles the woman must have at the pool. These articles include magazines, tanning oil, and

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