Men with ADHD

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In Chapter 9, Pinker uses Wall to begin discussing men who have ADHD that do better than normal and are successful. Boys who experience symptoms of ADHD only increases their restlessness, and impulsivity. There are more men that are diagnosed with this disorder than women and they sometimes succeed in spectacular ways. They are usually described as being spacey, forgetful, and impulsive. This causes disorganization and the desire to act without thinking and out of curiosity. Hyperactivity is another symptom that is attributed to ADHD in which they engage in many things and drift from job to job. Men tend to have an exaggerated version of ADHD, as they are already typically prone to impulses and risk taking. Wall was a great example of the symptoms and he stated that he was not engaging in the schoolwork but rather staring out of the window. Even though the disorder causes procrastination, and disorganization the brain makes up for it by coming up with creative solutions and taking risks. Men tend to take more entrepreneurial risks and make more ventures in order to receive higher profits. These are people who like to take risks seem to be more optimistic than others. It has been funny reading this book as I have varied back and forth in the things that I personally have symptoms of. I guess I am the one woman out of eight men who have the ADHD disorder. When I was in high school I told my father that I thought I had ADHD but he thought I just wanted to take pills so he
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