Mendacity vs Truth in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Essay

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Mike Morreale American Literature 2 Dr. Treis Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Mendacity vs Truth Tennessee Williams’ book Cat on a Hot Tin Roof takes place entirely in the plantation home of the Pollitt family in the Mississippi Delta. The plantation once belonged to a pair of bachelors, and “Big Daddy” Pollitt had worked for them as an overseer, but he is now the owner of the plantation, which he has built into a dynastic empire. Big Daddy’s family has met at the house to celebrate his birthday. Maggie, a beautiful and witty girl, has escaped a childhood of poverty to marry into the wealthy Pollitt family, but finds herself in an unfulfilling marriage. She is married to Big Daddy’s son, Brick. He is an aging
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truths” plays a crucial role in developing the storyline and plot structure of the novel.

As I previously mentioned, Brick was always very cold towards Maggie, yelling at her and even attempting to hit her with his crutch. The very fact that Brick uses a crutch to walk is symbolic, in that the alcohol was his crutch to deal with Skipper's death. Skipper and Brick have a great friendship, and it can almost be viewed as homosexual. The fact that Skipper killed himself the night after he played in a football game without Brick and had many fumbles and played very poorly overall. Maggie states that “it was only Skipper that harbored even any unconscious desire for anything not perfectly pure between you too!” (Williams, 833) Brick believes Maggie is the reason that Skipper killed himself, because she was ruining their friendship. Brick mourns his love for Skipper, which was the only true and good thing in his life. Maggie never dares speak of the forbidden love, and therefore Big Daddy is forced to step in as the judge. When Big Daddy confronts Brick about the homosexual attraction between himself and Skipper, Brick becomes extremely defensive and explains how their friendship was nothing more than a pure and true friendship. Big Daddy presses the issue, and Brick can no longer lie about the cause of Skipper’s death. It is then revealed at the climax of the book that before Skipper took his own life, he called Brick long distance and drunkenly confessed his
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