Mending Wall Robert Frost Analysis

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Tierra Nick
Professor Parker
ENG 202 01
20 November 2017

An Analysis of Frost’s “Mending Wall” “Mending Wall” written by Robert Frost seems to take place in a countryside estate. The speaker and his neighbor are fixing a wall together, which separates their properties. “Mending Wall” is a poem that describes the relationship between two neighbors and idea of maintaining barriers. This poem reflects how people make physical barriers and emotional barriers. A barrier is an object that keeps something in or the unwanted out. The speaker wants to know why these barriers are up. “If we make a psycho-analysis of the speaker through the present poem, we came to the conclusion that the neighbour is no one but the inner self of the speaker” (Srivastava 257). “This wall is nothing, but the gap between human-beings on various aspects culturally, economically, and socially” (Srivastava 257). The wall is a basis for the many differences that people in our society have. Throughout this poem, we see the speaker struggle to find a reason for having a wall that is separating him from the neighbor. The speaker is valuing innovation over tradition. Although, the speaker is also a man of tradition he is trying to rebel against the norms that frustrates him. The speaker does not want a relationship with his neighbor. In line 1, Frost begins by saying “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall”. Frost seems to refer to “something” as anything in this world from humans to nature. This
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