Meningitis (Cdc, 2016).The Affordable Care Act Allows Children

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meningitis (CDC, 2016). The Affordable Care Act allows children to be kept under their parent’s insurance until the age of 26.
The next set of recommended vaccines for adults are from the age of 60 and older. The elderly are exposed to many diseases due to weakened immune systems. According to the CDC 1 million adults are exposed to shingles and about 60 percent are hospitalized due to the influenza virus (CDC, 2016). They recommend getting the Flu vaccine, Varicella and Zoster vaccine to protect against the two previously mentioned. Another vaccine that is important is the Td or Tdap which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. The pneumococcal vaccine protects the elderly against the bacteria that causes pneumonia.
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Failure to immunize people impacts negatively on a country 's growth as it is a health burden to the public. This is because most people are left with chronic disease conditions that are difficult to manage; as such infections require complex and costly care. It is imperative to note that there are many barriers to enhancing the use of adult vaccination among people. The low rates of vaccination indicate the existence of limited public and provider knowledge on the issue of immunization. Other issues include existence of different economic constraints and infrastructure to support the program. Adult immunization is undervalued by the public and healthcare providers as very little information is known about its benefit.
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Policy makers in response have considered different approaches to address the concern in societies, which include modifying the exceptions. The first approach is to eliminate the personal-belief exceptions concerning religious and cultural exceptions. The move is understood to contribute to decreased incident of exemption rates which has proved to be a real challenge. Furthermore, people wishing to exempt themselves from the vaccination should be made aware of the implication of their decision. The reform includes engaging in broad consultation with health practitioners or other government agencies who are more informed on the matter. The
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