Mennonites Beliefs

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The Mennonites are a religious group that share some of the same beliefs within the Christian faith. The main languages that they speak fluently are German and English. Mennonites are named after the teachings of Menno Simons. They teach and believe in nonviolence, nonresistance, and pacifism. Mennonites do not believe in medicine, they believe that God will provide them with good health. The traditional Mennonite culture is simple, plain, and indistinguishable. Mennonites are known as the modern day version of the Amish. They are similar to the Amish culture because they wear the same type of clothing and limit themselves to the use of electricity. Mennonites also use some modern things such as automobiles, telephones, and some electricity in their home but refrain from using television and the radio. They like to sing A Capella, Southern Gospel, and Country Gospel music. Although there are some Mennonites that have automobiles, however their main source for transportation is by horses. The Mennonites originated in the 16th…show more content…
They believed that Jesus provided ways of resolving conflicts other than starting a war. Mennonites want to live a simple life and not be associated with any kind of violence and like to be peaceful. Mennonites give men and women the opportunity to have the role as a leader in church. “The church calls, trains, and appoints gifted men and women to a variety of leadership ministries on its behalf. These may include such offices as pastor, deacon, and elder as well as evangelists, missionaries, teachers, conference ministers, and overseers” ( They can lead in many different areas such as youth leaders, worship leaders, missionaries, and song leaders but women are not able to be lead pastors. Mennonites have created many different Christian schools such as middle school, high school, and also universities that the students can attend as
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