Menopause Is the Most Striking Event in a Woman's Life Essay

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Menopause is one of the most striking events occurring during women’s life which holds intrinsic clinical and public health interest due to its related complications. It considered as an important marker of aging and health in women (1,2).
Increasing life expectance result in an increase in postmenopausal women population worldwide .It is estimated that mentioned population is expected to increase to 1200 million by 2030.From this population 76% will be from developing countries(3).
Postmenopausal women are at risk of many chronic disorders including cardiovascular disease (CVD), osteoporosis and consequently higher rate of morbidity and mortality (4).
Osteoporosis is a common asympstomatic postmenopausal disease that has
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With regard to the fact that routine mammography is performed in all menopause women as a screening tool, determination of the relation between BAC and bone density of this high risk population, could help us to determine those with osteoporosis. Early diagnosis and treatment of this group of patients consequently reduce its related complications and improves public health. The importance of the issue would become more prominent by understanding the fact that the elderly population of our community is growing and it is estimated that in coming 20 years the elderly population be increasing three times(16). The aim of this study was to investigate mentioned probable relation between BAC and osteoporosis.

In this cross sectional study, menopause women referred to radiologic department of Seyed ol shohada hospital affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, for annual screening mammography were enrolled.
Inclusion criteria were; age >45 years, BMI 19.8-30,normal process of menopause, not using hormone replacement therapy during previous 6 months, non hypertensive and having normal dietary habit.
The protocol of study was approved by Regional Bioethics Committee of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Research project number ;). Written informed consent was obtained from all selected patients
Those with history of liver, cardiac,
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