Men’s Angst with Society´s Perception of Masculinity

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“…men are unhappy and don't really know why.” Masculinity in the modern age is changing, so much so that many men feel inadequate. A large amount of men are unable to understand what type of masculinity they fit into and what they want to fit into. In Gurmeet S. Kanwal’s article from “Psychology Today: The masculinity crisis, male malaise, and the challenge of becoming a good man” he says that, “the perception and image of heterosexual men in this country has never been as negative, de-idealized, and potentially harmful as it is now. And lots of men are feeling it.” Men are now feeling that they do not fit into or do not want to fit into popular masculinity. This is similar to the way American men were feeling about masculinity…show more content…
This is similar to how men feel now; they believe they can do more than society accepts them to do. An example would be where a man would want to be the stay at home dad and take care of the children, where it may seem outlandish now, will most likely become easily accepted in the future. History points toward progressive changes in equality for both genders after rough receptions of new ideas of how they can act. These ties into my thesis that new masculinities will be established which in time will become accepted by society just as it has happened in the past. The wanting for a new type of masculinity to fit into by males is only fueled by the male malaise that has been spreading recently, in Kanwal’s article there are many examples of this. The Atlantic came out with an issue where the cover had an article titled “The End of Men” by Hanna Rosin. She discusses how men have been the dominant sex since the beginning of humanity, but that it is now changing to women who will start gaining dominance, and how that only two of the fifteen growing jobs in the future, men have a larger representation of. This sends a blow to the idea that men should be the breadwinners, and makes men feel inept to be financially supportive. It only gets worse with articles such as “Are Fathers Necessary?” by Pamela Paul, in which she states that there is nothing essential about men’s contribution to their children. Media bashfulness on male masculinity is

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