Menstruation Homeless Women

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When a female reaches puberty they start a process called menstruation, this does not end till they reach menopause. When a woman becomes homeless they not only have to worry about when they are able to eat, drink, bathe, and clean their clothes; they also have to worry about how they will care for themselves when they are menstruating. Unfortunately, not everyone else seems to think about this, and while they are happy to hand out food or maybe even a dollar here and there but they never think to hand out pads or tampons. If people work together with their local women’s shelter they could help more women. Many people do not seem to think of homeless women as regular women. They see a dirty person on the street that did not do what they should to keep them off of the street and now they have to pay for it. What many people seem to forget is like most normal women they have to deal with menstruation as …show more content…

For instance, the FemmyCycle cup can be bought through the company as low as $16.50 per unit when you buy 200 or more of them in comparison to the original price of $39 when you buy a single cup ( Though when doing this it would be best to check with local resources first to see what the best sized order would be, and how to best help them get the product. There are many people that coupon and can get pads and tampons for free or next to nothing. If they donated or even taught others how to do it then they could donate what they were able to get to the local women’s shelter. If this is simply to much for the average busy person there are some GoFundMes already set up such as #HappyPeriod for Homeless Women that are raising money to put together care packages for homeless women

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