Mental And Physical Aspects Of Life

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Having positive mood has been scientifically shown to improve both mental and physical aspects of life. In a research article by Egan, Clarkson, and Hirt, (2015), having a positive mood promotes a creative mind, and Mohanty and Suar (2014) found it increases heuristic processing. Having a positive mood has also been shown to increase productivity and longevity (Lyumbomirsky, King, & Diener 2005), as well as aiding in stress management coping skills (Folkman & Moskowitz, 2000), which plays a role in functions such as memory, memory retention, (Guenzel, Wolf, & Schwabe 2014), sleep quality, and the ability to adapt to stressful situations in the future (Heffner, 2013; Jackowska, Brown, Ronaldson & Steptoe, 2015) Research by Jackoswka, Brown, Ronaldson and Steptoe (2015) clearly shows the often unnoticed part behavior plays in our lives and how it can have a strong influence on hedonic well-being and positive mood, as well as physical function. Based on evolutionary models of emotion, on average, individuals have positive moods in general based on natural selection (Diener & Kanazawa, 2015). I propose that actions of prosocial behavior including personal loss for the benefit of others, will lead to greater positive emotional reward in the form of higher self reported happiness than giving something without personal loss. By drawing and building upon research providing the effects of prosocial behavior (Aknin, Broesch, Hamlin, & Vondervoort, 2015), and the observers ratings of
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