Mental And Physical Disabilities Of The Community

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Avila-Garcia 1
Maria G. Avila-Garcia
English II
Mrs. O’Sullivan, Sherry
3 September 2015
Mental and Physical Disabilities This community has plenty of things to focus on, like work, family and a social life. All of those things should be important to them, yet focusing on people that need help should be something they do as well. There are people that deserve to be helped but almost no one helps them. These people have either mental or physical disabilities that stop them from being happy. People with bad emotional and physical health should have more attention because they get neglected by society, they have economic problems, and they could be pushed to harm themselves. These people should not be going through hard things in their
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The number one reason people do not get help for mental illness is because they are scared. People are scared of their illness and they are certainly afraid of asking for help for that mental illness. “Honestly, it’s a complicated piece of psychology, but in a nutshell – if you don’t admit to the mental illness, then it isn’t really there. It’s the head in the sand approach.” (1, Tracy). It happens with all illnesses. No one wants to be sick so they deny it and just hope it will go away. People with mental disorders also need economic help. According to the Social Security Administration, “more than 1.3 million people who are receiving Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits have been diagnosed with a mood disorder” (Allsup) Mental illness has became the second most common diagnostic category for receivers, after musculoskeletal system disorders and connective tissue disease. SSDI gives benefits for those who have paid FICA taxes and no longer can work because of a long-term disability. (Allsup) Unfortunately, mental health issues can add layers of hard and already confusing process. As a Psych Central blogger wrote recently, “mental health problems or even the medications intended to treat them can make it almost impossible to stay on top of the notoriously cumbersome claims process”. (Allsup) One of the reasons Mental illness not affordable is because the economic costs of mental illness have been easy to
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