Mental And Physical Effects Of Marijuana

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Mental and Physical Effects of Marijuana
Marijuana - also named weed, hash, pot, Mary Jane, and many others– is, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number one used illegal and addictive drug around the globe (Williamson, Buckland, & Cunningham, 2013). Users of the psychoactive plant range anywhere from adolescents to senior citizens, and from all social and economic classes. It has, in recent years, gained approval by the FDA for use as a medicine to help treat symptoms of various illnesses – both mental and physical. Thousands of individuals are now using marijuana, and numbers are likely to increase, as the drug may be on the verge of being legalized nation-wide. Surveys from the United States show large support in using marijuana for recreational purposes - 56% - and support for its use as medicine - 70% (Gonzalez & Swanson, 2012). Though multitudes of people use the drug for its effects and potential benefits, not many know exactly how it achieves these things within ones bodies or their minds. People, whether using the drug or not, need to know what marijuana is, how it interacts with the body and brain, and the effects that are produced from this interaction.
What is Marijuana?
Marijuana is actually a plant called Cannabis sativa – or more specifically, its leaves and flowers. These sections of the plant are removed, dried up, rolled into cigarettes, and smoked (Fackelmann, 1993). Though smoking is the most common method of consuming the…
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