Mental Behavior Of Depression

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Brain and Body Power The psychological theory is that exercise has been proven to decrease depression in many people (Jabr, 2017). People struggling with depression have been prescribed exercise as a way to eliminate their depression (Jabr, 2017). Researchers have found through many experiments that any type of exercise decreases the risk of depression and helps those struggling with depression (Jabr, 2017). This topic is important because if exercise is an alternative for antidepressants or other medications, it is in those who struggle with depression best interest to resort to working out (Jabr, 2017). Research has proven that no matter the intensity, duration or number of times a person works out, a percentage of their depression will…show more content…
She writes first hand about her experience in losing interest in her hobbies and friends (Jabr, 2017). Also, she experienced lack of appetite, flooding thoughts of suicide, and lack of motivation (Jabr, 2017). Depression, being classified as a psychological disorder, can be extremely life-threatening to a person and can easily become a death sentence. Psychotherapy is used to aid a person in overcoming difficulties to achieve improvement by a trained therapist (Jabr, 2017). Techniques of psychoanalysis include humanistic therapy, behavior therapies, cognitive therapies, and group and family therapies (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Humanistic therapy includes active listening and client-centered therapy. It tries to eliminate inward conflicts within a person and helps them to achieve fulfillment within themselves (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Behavior therapies believe that a person’s behavior is the problem. If they find the source the problem, they can eliminate that behavior (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Cognitive therapies helps transform a person’s mind to new constructed ideas (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Group therapies create a stronger atmosphere with people who are like them (Myers & DeWall, 2016). It provides a loving atmosphere with those whom struggle with the same things (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Psychotherapy is effective and can help many people (Myers & Dewall, 2016). In the article, evidence is provided that exercise is just as beneficial as psychotherapies (Jabr, 2017).
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